Posted: 15-04-2016 | 15:17:26 
Very important are the commands on the server. So to make things easy I have a list here for the survival server!

/abandonclaim - Remove your claim
/trust <playername> - Gives the other player access to edit your claim
/untrust <playername> - Removes access from the other player to edit your claim
/accesstrust <playername> - Allowes the other player only to use doors, levers, buttons and your bed
/buyclaimblocks <amount> - Buy claimblocks for $2 each!
/sellclaimblocks <amount> - Sell claimblocks for 1 each!
/containertrust <playername> - Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
/trustlist - Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in.
/permissiontrust <playername> - Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others.
/untrust all - Removes all permissions for all players in your claim.
/abandonallclaims Remove all claims you own
/buyclaimblocks - Buy claim blocks with ingame cash
/sellclaimblocks - Sell claim blocks for ingame cash
/claimslist - Lists a player's claims and claim block details
/trapped - Teleport a player out of your claim if he is trapped inside
/csn history - Shows a list of all your sales
/csn clear - Clears your sales history list
/kit <kitname> - Get special player kits!
/sethome <name> - Set a home location with a name
/delhome <name> - Delete a home location with a name
/home <name> - Teleport to a home location with name
/pay <playername> - Pay another player
/worth - See how much an item is worth
/ignore <playername> - Ignores a player
/unignore <playername> - Unignore a player
/itemdb - See item information from the item in hand
/msg <playername> - Send a player a private message
/r - Fast reply to the latest private message
/balance - Shows your current balance
/list - Shows you a list of online players
/tpa <playername> - Request a teleport to another player
/tpahere <playername> - Request another player to teleport to you
/tpaccept - Accept a tpa or tpahere request
/tpdeny - Deny a tpa or tphere request
/warp - Shows a list of active warps
/warp <warpname> - Teleport to a warp with name
/trade <playaername> - Start a trade with another player
/trade accept - Accept a trade request from another player
/trade deny - Deny a trade request from another player
/bp - opens extra inventory space
/link <code> - Link your account to the website
/spawn - Teleport to spawn location
/seen <playername> - See when a player was online for the last time