Forum Rules
Posted: 09-04-2016 | 15:40:03 
Forum Rules
Offcourse very important to have forum rules. Why? Because if we dont have them, it gets out of hand!

The rules:
- Everybody likes to have a signature! But on this forum: signatures images may not be bigger then 600x50. Why? Nobody likes to see pics only, so you can read the text where it is all about.
- Want to have text in your signature? Sure: if you do not have a signature image, you may have a max of 5 lines of text. Do you have an image? Then you may only add 1 line of text.
- Spamming is not allowed! So there must be always 1 reply between your replies. (so no double posting). There is an edit function if you want to tell us more.
- You may make a double post if there is no more reply within 24 hours.
- Also here: respect eachother at all times!
- Do not ask to become staff
- Do not act like you are a staff member (you can recognize staff on their Title and the name of their color).
- Spam is also not allowed! There is no competition of making the most posts on this forum!
- Do not place replies with only capslock on!

If you are banned on our forum / website? To bad, you wont get 2nd chances!